Eric Ryan Alexander

CEO/Lead Dev/Creative Director

GROOVE SCIENCE (aka Alexander) is the 32-year-old artist, scientist, entrepreneur, game developer, and music producer from Denver, CO. A virtual reality visionary since 2013, Alexander came out of early retirement and created the world's very first virtual music venue by combining his passion for live music and immersive gaming experiences. Being first is only the beginning for Alexander though, every day he transmutes his imagination into reality so that Soundscape fans are always surprised at what they find waiting for them.

Matt Hogan

Matt Hogan

Director of Marketing Outreach

Matt Hogan brings over 15 years of music industry experience to Soundscape VR. He spent 10 years as GM/VP of Marketing for SCI Fidelity Records in Boulder, where he was responsible for managing and promoting releases from The String Cheese Incident, Umphrey's McGee, The Disco Biscuits, Keller Williams, Railroad Earth, Lotus and many more. Most recently, Matt was Director of Sales and Business Development for JamBase, working with promoters, festivals, artists and record labels to reach live music lovers nationwide. When he’s not attending concerts or festivals, Matt can be found skiing, traveling, hiking with his dog, and spending time with his family.

Ryan Johnson | Visualization Engineer

Ryan Johnson

Visualization Engineer

Ryan is a tech guru who started off as a physicist at Berkeley.  He has contributed to several startups and is a longtime musician as well as a programmer who can tackle any challenge.  A lover of sci-fi, his interest in VR bloomed out of a desire to provide people with both fun and mind--and space- and time-, while we’re at it--bending experiences unlike any other.  In his free time, Ryan shreds on guitar, bikes up mountains, dances ecstatically, is an active yoga and meditation practitioner, and Deadhead.

George Rocha

George Rocha

Networking Engineer

George Rocha is from San Jose, CA. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Computer Science: Computer Game Design, where he received hands-on experience working in VR and creating development tools. He prides himself on his flexibility, easy-going attitude, and problem-solving skills. When not developing new systems for VR games, he enjoys writing and reading fiction, cosplaying, playing tabletop games, and practicing new tunes on his keyboard.


Brian Scott-Emuakpor | VR Game Developer

Brian Scott-Emuakpor

VR Game Developer

Brian was born and raised in Nigeria.  He was a professional Taekwondo athlete for 5 years and spent 2 years in the National Taekwondo Team.  He traveled to Florida to pursue his dream of becoming a game developer in 2014.  There, he graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Game development.
Brian's goal is to use science to aid in expressing his creativity and artistic talent.